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Some individuals require additional services that ready made and modified footwear cannot provide, that is why we have the ability to produce custom-made medical grade footwear to accommodate any pathology

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Each step below is crucial in reaching our goal of providing you with the correct device

From your initial visit, to receiving your very own pair of Pedorthic custom medical grade footwear, you would be expected to visit us a minimum of three-times over a two-week period.

Biomechanical & Gait Assessment

In order to determine what services are required, we need to gather information from you; this includes your concerns, input in design and function, and our assessments of your pathology. Once we have done a thorough assessment, we present to you our recommendation, and with your input we look at designs, and colour schemes.

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All clients being assessed for Pedorthic custom medical grade footwear will require a custom foot orthotics, which can be a pair you already own,  supplied by an external clinical or we can have one made for you. Either way, we will make your new footwear to accommodate any additional orthotic devices

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3D Anatomical Scanning

In order to accurately capture the shape and profile of the feet, ankle and lower leg, we use a 3D scanner set to 0.01mm accuracy, achieving the best image possible. We use the image to produce an anatomically correct mold to your specification.

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A simple but highly important step. The check-fit is taught to all Pedorthist so it is expected when being provided with Pedorthic custom medical grade footwear; a plastic shell of the mold we produced is used to check if the fit is acceptable. We use this method to minimise as much error as possible. During this step your input is important.

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The Finished Product

After we have confirmed the check-fit was a success, or any adjustments required to the mold have been completed, we will begin production of your very own pair of Pedorthic custom medical grade footwear. Once completed, we will require you come in for a fitting, ensuring you are satisfied with the end product. During this assessment, we will conduct a final gait analysis, for clients with high-risk diabetes this will also include an F-Scan in-shoe pressure mapping with your orthotics; to ensure your new devices meet the global standard in treating diabetic feet.


Pedorthic Custom Medical Grade Footwear

Our team is recognised as an approved assistive technology by private healthcare providers, and government based programs such as NDIS, TAC, DVA, SWEP & MyAgedCare. Contact your case manager in relation to acquiring your very own pair of Pedorthic custom medical grade footwear today.


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