Footwear Modification's

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Each individual is unique, and each brand produces varieties of styles in different shapes, and functions. Our team has the ability to modify new and old footwear in order accommodate a majority of functional or structural abnormalities that places limitations on your daily life.

Sole Build-Up

Leg length discrepancies are quite common in the general population, especially after hip operations. If you have one leg that is shorter than the other, whether it's 20mm or 20cm we have the ability to accommodate your variation



Foot deformities which cause an irregularity in the skeletal structure of the feet limit most people's peoples ability to fit comfortably in to prefabricated footwear; we have the ability to modify most prefabricated footwear to accommodate such irregularities, such as the common bunions, to Charcot's foot

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Toe Skates

A subtle modification that assists those who suffer from toe drag; a side affect of foot drop, commonly seen in those who have survived a stroke, or suffer from a form of muscular dystrophy, this is achieved by replacing the surface area of sole that catches during gait with a smooth material in order to reduce frisk, thereby reducing the trips risk


Rocker Sole

A rocker sole modification is usually done in unison with other modifications, but can still be done as a standalone to most footwear. A rocker sole's main focus is to replicate the lost of range of motion in a joint, and depending on the location of the joint will determine the type of rocker sole required; perfect for ankle fusions, hallux limitus and/or hallux rigidus



Instability at the ankle can cause people a lot of pain and discomfort, and sometimes prefabricated ankle braces don't offer enough support and custom-made AFO's can be cumbersome and expensive; this is why we have the ability for you to modify your footwear to increase ankle stability by adding a buttress; great for people with Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction


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