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Clinical Assessments

We do provide basic services to walk in clients but we also provide additional services on appointments

To comprehend your pathology and its impact on your capabilities, we engage you in a consultation to understand your concerns. Additionally, we conduct a comprehensive assessment tailored to the level of care necessary for your condition. While specialist referrals are not obligatory, they are advisable for more in-depth assessments.

Biomechanical & Gait Assessment

To ascertain the necessary services for your needs, we must collect information from you, encompassing your concerns and our evaluations of your condition. Subsequently, we typically proceed to conduct further assessments to offer any additional required services

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MobileMat Assessment

The MobileMat enables us to evaluate both static and dynamic foot function, making it ideal for assessing balance and identifying pressure imbalances related to a pathology. This MobileMat assessment is included as part of your initial biomechanical and gait assessment.


StrideWay Assessment

The Strideway assists us in obtaining valuable insights into hidden gait abnormalities, inefficiencies, or imbalances that may go unnoticed. Particularly beneficial for individuals utilising walking aids.

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F-Scan In-shoe Pressure Mapping

The in-shoe pressure mapping offered by F-Scan delivers dynamic details on pressure, force, and timing for foot function and gait analysis. Data derived from the F-Scan is applied in practical scenarios, such as the design and testing of orthotics, and is particularly vital in relieving pressure on diabetic feet. As a global standard, every high-risk client with diabetes is required to undergo an F-Scan assessment as an integral part of their service.


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