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Post-Op Foot Devices

Here are a selection of post-op devices for injuries you may have sustained to your foot or ankle. Please note that it is highly recommended you acquire a referral & prescription by your medical professional for any of these devices.

Square Toe Post-Op Shoe

The Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe allows dressing to be kept clean and toes dry, providing more protection following post-operative procedures and forefoot trauma. The square toe design acts as a bumper and provides additional room and comfort for the patient. The shoe also features a rigid rocker sole for ease of ambulation and pressure reduction.

Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe.png

Remedy Pro Off-loading Shoe

The Remedy Pro™ Off Loading Shoe helps to reduce forefoot pressure as a result of Forefoot Trauma; Post Surgical Healing; and Diabetic Ulcers or Wounds by transferring weight behind the MP joints, reducing pressure on the forefoot, allowing wounds under the metatarsal heads or toes, and post-forefoot trauma to heal faster.


Xceltrax Air

Designed for support and management of edema for acute ankle sprains, stable fractures of the foot and ankle, bunionectomies, metatarsal fracture, forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot injuryversion has an integrated pump design making the pneumatic liner simple to inflate and adjust. Product comes in a below knee for soft tissue injuries, stress fractures, stable fractures of the lower leg, foot and ankle, stable delayed union or non-union fractures of the distal tibia and fibula

Xceltrax Air Ankle.png

Donjoy Stabilising Ankle Brace

 A full circumferential elastic strap secures all strapping and provides tibia/fibula compression and stability.  Lace-up design and trimmable figure-8 strapping locks the calcaneus into place and controls inversion/eversion.  Removable, articulated medial/lateral stays enhance proprioception and stability.  Fits easily into an athletic or street shoe.  Universal to fit right and left

Stabilising Ankle Brace.png

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