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Bilby Shoes & Orthotics Services

"Professional Service with a Personal Touch"

Clinical Assessments

In order to provide you with the highest level of care we offer you the opportunity to share with us your story; daily routines, current work schedules and any medical history that causes you discomfort, pain or limits your ability to perform at maximum capacity

Post-Op Foot Devices

We fit and provide Post-Op foot devices for patients recovering from sustained breaks, fractures or relative injuries to their feet & ankles

Footwear Modifications

Due to the limiting shapes, sizes and functionality of prefabricated footwear, we have the ability to tailor footwear to fit the unique shape of most feet

Custom Medical Grade Footwear

Some individuals require additional services that ready made and modified footwear cannot provide, that is why we have the ability to produce custom-made medical grade footwear to accommodate any pathology

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