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Custom Medical Grade Footwear

Keeping You Moving, When Nothing Else Will

Some individuals require additional services that ready made and modified footwear cannot provide, that is why we have the ability to produce custom-made medical grade footwear to accommodate any pathology

Fixing a Shoe

Let Us Take You Through The Process

Each step below is crucial in reaching our goal of providing you with the correct device From your initial visit, to receiving your very own pair of Pedorthic custom medical grade footwear, you would be expected to visit us a minimum of three-times over a two-week period.

Biomechanical & Gait Assessment

To ascertain the necessary services, it is imperative for us to compile comprehensive information from you. This encompasses listening to your concerns, and encouraging your active participation in the design and functionality decisions, including a meticulous assessments of your pathology. Subsequent to a thorough evaluation, we will articulate our recommendations. Your valuable input will then be sought in the examination of designs and consideration of color schemes

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During the assessment process for Pedorthic custom medical-grade footwear, it is essential that all clients undergo an evaluation for custom foot orthotics. These orthotics may either be existing pairs owned by the client, provided by an external clinical source, or crafted by us. Regardless of the source, our commitment is to design and tailor the new footwear to seamlessly accommodate any supplementary orthotic devices deemed necessary

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3D Anatomical Scanning

To precisely capture the contours and dimensions of the feet, ankles, and lower legs, we employ a state-of-the-art 3D scanner calibrated to a remarkable accuracy of 0.01mm, ensuring the acquisition of optimal images. Subsequently, we use these scans to generate a meticulously crafted, anatomically accurate mold tailored to your specific requirements

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An essential routine procedure, the check-fit represents a fundamental aspect of our Pedorthic custom medical-grade footwear provision. Pedorthists universally adhere to this practice, employing a plastic shell derived from the produced mold to meticulously assess and confirm the acceptability of the fit. This meticulous process is designed to mitigate potential errors to the greatest extent possible. Your invaluable input is actively sought and considered during this crucial phase

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The Finished Product

Upon the successful confirmation of the check-fit or completion of any necessary adjustments to the mold, the production phase for your personalised Pedorthic custom medical-grade footwear commences. Following the manufacturing process, we kindly request your presence for a fitting session, aiming to ascertain your satisfaction with the final product. During this evaluation, a comprehensive final gait analysis will be conducted. For clients with high-risk diabetes, this assessment extends to include an F-Scan in-shoe pressure mapping with your orthotics, ensuring that your new devices adhere to the highest global standards in addressing the specific needs of diabetic feet

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Pedorthic Custom Medical Grade Footwear

Our team is recognised as an approved assistive technology by private healthcare providers, and government based programs such as NDIS, TAC, DVA, SWEP & MyAgedCare. Contact your case manager in relation to acquiring your very own pair of Pedorthic custom medical grade footwear today.

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