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Policies and Complaints Documentation

Below are brief descriptions of the available documentation for download

Complaints Procedure & Policy

Any person can make a complaint to Bilby Shoes about any issue connected with supports or services provided by an NDIS provider. Complaints can be made orally, in writing or by any other appropriate means, and can be made anonymously. A complaint can be withdrawn at any time.

Complaint & Feedback Form

Please note you do not have to fill out your name or any identifying information. You can lodge a complaint anonymously if you want to but, this will mean that we will not be able to contact you to discuss/resolve your complaint.

Incident Management Procedure and Policy

The incident management system of Bilby Shoes covers incidents that consist of acts, omissions, events or circumstances that: occur in connection with providing supports or services to a person with disability; and have, or could have, caused harm to the person with disability.

Privacy Policy

Bilby Shoes will keep the client’s personal details on record for the next 7 years from the last service or product provided. Consent must first be provided by the client or the client’s representative before you record, use, retain or share their data, consent may be verbal or written. In the case of NDIS participants, a written service agreement must be signed by both Bilby Shoes and the participant or their representative. Client information is not to be collected, used, retained or shared if consent is not provided.

Counselling and Advocacy Services

Here is a list of Counselling and Advocacy Services you may want access too

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